Food, Fitness and Motivation Mojo: a series of programs with Joy and other inspiring and informative guests, both live and pre-recorded to help you achieve your long term fitness goals. Start anywhere you like! They all interconnect and you will benefit from each and everyone of them.

Not sure where to start? Join ‘Joy’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge’. It’s the perfect place to start making a real difference to your health and fitness, after which, you can continue on with other positive, proactive people who then move into ‘Joy’s Fitness for Life’ Hub.

Join Joy’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge

It’s great to have you with me on this 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

There are 3 vital elements to this program – fitness, nutrition and mindset.  

This is exactly what makes this challenge unique and effective.  

Now you might be thinking, “oh I’m all over my nutrition so I’m just going to hammer the fitness” or maybe “Bugger the mindset, just tell me what to do”.  

There’s nothing wrong with being keen to get going however the people who really benefit from this 30 Day Challenge are the ones that embrace the 3 elements and learn as much as possible.  

Joy’s Fitness Challenge gives you support but also one other critical element to motivation – the fire in your belly to do more and a positive vibe to keep going! This is what will truly keep you consistent, which is where real results and benefits are revealed.

Spring Into Life Program

A holistic fitness and wellbeing program that outlines how to establish life-long health habits for individuals and families.

The most extensive, exciting and engaging online program available to anyone living anywhere.

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